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D&D Carpentry - New Home Builders & Remodelers

D&D Carpentry – New Home Builders & Remodelers

At D&D Carpentry we're skilled and trusted carpenters who understand how important your home is to you - whether you're remodeling, repairing, renovating or building new.

We know that your house is much more than your residence. It's a place you relax; it's where you gather with friends and family; it's where you seek refuge from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Dan & Doug Daun - the D&D behind our name - have built a full-service carpentry firm dedicated to helping build dreams and improving residences to make them really feel like "home."

That's important to us. You're our neighbors and our friends - we know how you feel about your home and all about the high level of workmanship you demand.

To help meet your needs - and ensure the quality of our work - we offer excellent customer service, talk directly with you in one-on-one meetings and provide clear answers to your questions. We also employ our own staff of carpenters and masonry professionals, which helps enable us to control the quality of our work.

My husband Steve and I have known Doug and Dan for the past 10 years. We have built two highly custom homes and are currently scheduled for a build out of our upstairs studio and bathroom. Doug and Dan are highly professional, have a team of excellence surrounding them and are involved in insuring every detail of the...

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